Continuity is the hallmark of the Montessori experience, as students stay in the same classroom for at least two or three years.

This stability provides for both security and growth, as the child’s role within the group changes over time from being one of the youngest in the class to one of the oldest. In a Montessori classroom, every child has the opportunity to be first a youngest child, then a middle child, and finally an oldest child in their classroom family. This experience contributes to the child’s personal growth in ways that conventional, single-age groupings cannot.

Throughout their time at Post Oak, children do make multiple transitions as they move through the school’s different programs. Dr. Montessori observed that each child passes through planes of development, each lasting six years, and each with distinct developmental characteristics and needs. She created learning environments to respond to each new plane of development.

high school students light one another's candles at the moving up ceremony