Counseling Services

The role of the school counselors is to be a resource to support social and emotional needs of children, students, teachers, and parents.

The counselors see those who seek problem-solving assistance (individually or in small groups), facilitate class meetings per teacher request, and meet with parents and staff members. The counselors facilitate effective communication, conflict resolution, and provide support through transitions in school and family if requested. They serve as a liaison between school and home and assist when referrals to outside professionals are requested.

J'anvieu Parnell

J'anvieu Parnell

MDC Counselor
MEd, Lamar University
BS, The University of Houston
Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

BC Counselor
PhD, The City University of New York
MA, The City University of New York
BA, Sarah Lawrence College

Mental Health

The Post Oak School understands that each person is a whole individual with multiple facets, strengths and weaknesses, good days and rough ones. To that end, the school assumes the responsibility to support each student at all times during their enrollment. Post Oak provides access to an on-site counselor who participates in various school events relating to psychological services, academic life, and personal counseling. If a student seems to need support (in the judgment of the advisor and faculty) beyond the typical daily interactions, the school will work with the student’s family and the student to determine the appropriate additional care the student requires. There may be circumstances in which this means that the student will be excused from classes for a period of time. If a student’s psychological issue repeatedly detracts from the health and well being of the community, the student will be asked to take psychological leave until such time that they can re-enter the community in a healthy manner.