Transport & Parking

Campus Parking

Bissonnet Campus

Visitor spaces. There are designated visitor parking spaces on campus in front of the building. Please park in these or other unmarked spaces only, to allow for unobstructed traffic flow.

Reserved spaces. We ask everyone to honor any reserved parking spaces, including those designated “buddy parking” for employees. These employees have volunteered to buddy park in an effort to conserve parking spaces at the school. When you park behind one of these cars, you are blocking them in. Also, please honor the parking spots for those with disabilities.

Off-campus parking. If campus parking is full, you can park along Avenue B or across Bissonnet Street in the lot for Feld Park. Parking is strictly prohibited in the neighborhoods surrounding campus without a residential permit. Violators may be ticketed and towed.

Museum District Campus

Visitor spaces. There are designated visitor parking spaces on campus located between the High School building and the Tinkeria.

Off-campus parking. There may be street parking available in front of school-owned properties along Autrey Street. Please note the posted signs in the street indicating where three-hour parking is enforced.

Traveling to campus. We encourage all visitors to the school to walk, bike, or take the Metro to campus. If you must drive, consider carpooling with another family; use the Student/Parent Directory in My BackPack to make arrangements.


For information about Museum District access for MDC students, please visit Safety & Security.