Changes in Pick-up Routine

If your child is to be picked up by anyone other than the person who usually picks them up (or who is listed for emergency pick up), or if your child is going home with a friend, please notify your child’s teacher in writing at least 24 hours prior to pick up. If there is a last minute change of plans and you need to notify the school less than one day prior to pick up, the school will accept hand-written notes on the same day, faxed instructions to 713-661-4959 from you, or, as a last resort, a phone call or email to the front office (frontoffice@postoakschool.org). Last minute phone requests may need to be followed by a fax or email. All requests are subject to verification, and anyone picking up a child may be required to provide personal identification. These measures are in place for the protection and safety of your child—and for your peace of mind.

Late Pick-up

At the end of the dismissal period, children who have not been picked up are taken to the front office. Late-arriving parents will need to park, come into the reception area, and sign out children from care. We will make the children comfortable while they wait. However, it is natural for a child to be anxious if you are late; please call the school if you know you will be late.