Parent Drivers

Parent driver forms can be found in Magnus. If you are planning on driving during the school year, please complete and upload the forms to Magnus before the start of school. We will need an updated authorization and the related documents each year even if you have submitted them in a prior year.

Parent/Employee Personal Vehicles

The school is continuously updating and improving the policies and procedures for all methods of student bus and car transportation. 

Parents and teachers may volunteer to transport students on class outings. In these cases, the insurance of the vehicle owner is the primary insurance in effect. School insurance acts as secondary insurance in the event that the parent/employee insurance is exhausted.

  1. Parent/employee drivers will have provided and agreed to the following at least two weeks in advance of the field trip:
    1. Driver will submit his or her driver’s license in Magnus to be submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety every year for a driving record check. In order to be eligible to drive on a school activity, the driver’s license must be “eligible” according to TDPS standards and have no more than one moving violation within the last three years.
    2. Driver will upload in Magnus the “declarations page” of their automobile insurance showing a minimum of bodily injury liability of $100k per person and $300k per incident.
  2. Driver conduct while operating the vehicle on Post Oak School activities:
    1. At no time will cellular telephone use be allowed.
    2. At no time will texting on any type of electronic device be allowed.
    3. The viewing of any movies and/or the playing of any music with inappropriate lyrics is not allowed.
    4. Stopping for gas or snacks, unless prearranged as a necessary part of the journey, is not allowed. (Please fill up the car before arriving at school for the field trip.)
    5. The driver will not have consumed alcoholic beverages within eight hours of driving students. 
    6. The driver will not be under the influence of any prescription medication that would impair his or her ability to safely operate the vehicle.
    7. The driver will refrain from using any illegal drugs at any time.
  3. Other requirements:
    1. All booster seat and seat belt requirements will be followed at all times.
    2. Vehicles must be kept in safe operating condition at all times.

The Post Oak School Utility Van

The Post Oak School utility van is provided by the school for use by staff only to perform various tasks in their duties for the school.