Post Oak School Alumni

Our graduates remain part of the Post Oak community. Sometimes they return to volunteer in a classroom, or work in the admin offices as summer assistants. Often they come back to visit with their teachers, or to talk about their Montessori experiences at our Alumni Voices event. They always remember the community that nurtured them, and are willing to talk about how those early experiences shaped the people they have become.

Several resources are available for those who want to know more about Post Oak alumni:

  • Our "Portrait of a Graduate" describes the common characteristics you'll see in the typical alumna or alumnus.
  • "Beyond Post Oak" gives information about our alumni and their successes in university settings.
  • We also collect alumni stories, describing the adult life and experiences of former students.


Alumni: Stay connected or get involved

Help us Find Lost Alums

Since Post Oak alumni can be found all over the world, we rely on both traditional post service and email to keep in contact. If you have an email address or a way to help us re-establish a Post Oak connection, please take a moment to contact the associate admission director. You can also update your information with our online form.