Alumni Voices: a parent education event

High School students, college students, and young professionals who attended The Post Oak School return to reflect on their experiences in Montessori. How did their education at Post Oak help prepare them for their subsequent education and for life? Parents of our current students as well as prospective parents are encouraged to attend this event.

The next Alumni Voices event takes place Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum District Campus (1010 Autrey). We hope you will join us!

Each and every Post Oak parent will benefit from attending this event.

Previously shared by alumni panelists:

Post Oak students want to learn the material. We wanted to study for the exams. We were still excited about the material and after the exam happened we didn't erase everything from our memory. Post Oak students really have a deep desire to learn. —Ben Jawdat

[Post Oak lets] you take your education into your own hands.
—Wren Fondren

We are Post Oak grads, which is just another way of saying we are fiercely independent,
outside-the-box thinkers who learn by doing.
—Sam Geer

You can't slip through the cracks [at Post Oak]. —Michael Harvey

I can do this. I went to Post Oak. —Megan Routbort