Alumni Note: Avery Peters

Post Oak eighth grade class of 2010

by Avery Peters
From the October 8, 2010 edition of The Weekly POst

Avery Peters on a recent visit to Post Oak.

The fist day of high school was one of the most nerve-racking days of my life. After being at The Post Oak School with only nine people in my class, going into a class of 160 was a big change. I didn’t know how I was supposed to get halfway across the entire campus in the same amount of time the Post Oak Middle School teachers gave us to get our books. I was almost late a couple of times, but by the end of the first week I knew exactly how much time it took to get to each class, and where I had to go. The homework was surprisingly easy. Going into high school I was expecting a TON of homework, but I did not have an overwhelming amount. I had more than I did at Post Oak, but the time management skills I learned helped, and have been a great skill to know going into high school.  Without time management and self discipline, I would struggle to finish all my homework in the evening , but I have Post Oak to thank for that.  Making new friends was not difficult at all. I was nervous about not having any friends, but that turned out to be an irrational fear. I made new friends just walking down the hallway, being in classes, and playing sports. I realized I had the self-confidence to introduce myself to anyone, including the teachers. In the end, the transition to high school has been easy. All of my fears from the beginning were things that I see now I didn’t even have to worry about.