Alumni Note: Sara (Mitchell) Bushell
alumna works repurposing computers

Post Oak eighth grade class of 1997

by Shannon Neufeld, Communication Coordinator
From the September 10, 2010 edition of The Weekly POst

Post Oak Alumna Sara (Mitchell) Bushell (eighth-grade graduating class of ’97) works with the non-profit organization Comp-U-Dopt accepting old computers (and accessories) for refurbishing. The organization then gives them to children who don’t have a computer at home.  All data on the donated computers is erased and “Edubuntu,” an educational version of Linux, is installed. Each computer (and accessories) is tested and cleaned before being “adopted” by a child. Any donation that does not meet the minimum requirements (1 GHz or faster processor, 20 GB hard drive, 512 MB of RAM, CD drive, Ethernet capability) is broken down for parts and then recycled by our partner, TechnoCycle, a registered recycler with the EPA.

In addition to her work at Comp-U-Dopt, Sarah worked at Post Oak during summer 2010 teaching a course called “IT Girls.” She is currently teaching a developmental math course at Lone Star College and she has also worked for Google and Adobe Systems, Inc. in San Jose, Calif. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and later received a master’s degree in computer science with a specialty in human-computer interaction from Stanford University. For high school, Sarah attended Episcopal High School, where she worked  in the summertime at the help desk, providing hardware and software technical support to students and teachers.

Comp-U-Dopt usually holds an “Adoption Session” at a school or community center every other Saturday.  Children who have filled out an application and written an essay about why they would like a computer are invited to attend.  They attend a training session on how to use the educational software and operating system and write a thank you note before taking their new computers home.  This fall, Comp-U-Dopt will be giving out its 1,000th computer.

Post Oak parents frequently ask us where to recycle a computer. We encourage you to contact Comp-U-Dopt and check out donation information and information about other programs they offer on their website: