Alumni Spotlight: The Hetherington and Boyar Families

From the November 11, 2013 edition of The Post


If you were able to attend the Jubilee Dinner we held in early October, you had the privilege of meeting two extraordinary women, Pam Boyar and Cc Hetherington, who have had a tremendous impact in creating the school we have today. Their enthusiasm for our school wasn't only captured in their reminiscent stories, but also in speaking about their children, their accomplishments, and the lasting impression Post Oak has left on each of them.

Pam's oldest son, Justin Boyar, class of 1999, lives in Panama, and is currently working for an international commercial real estate company. He's fluent in Spanish, and spends much of his time traveling in South America to Guyana and Columbia for work. His younger brother Sam, class of 2003, is in the MBA program at Rice University. Sam spent two years as a geologist in the oil patches of East Texas as a well-site geologist after graduating from the University of Texas's Geology program and is now turning his attention to learning the business side of the oil and gas industry.



Cc's older daughter, Tina Hetherington, class of 2006, is currently pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Texas in Austin. Her dedication to school as well as her involvement in various school organizations, such as Kappa Alpha Theta, keep her busy. She feels quite fortunate to have both her brother and younger sister in Austin as well. Nick Hetherington, class of 2002, is currently working for ESPN in conjunction with the Longhorn Network in Austin. He had been in Los Angeles working for SportsNation, but couldn't pass up this opportunity to move back home. The youngest of the Hetherington clan, Isa, is currently a sophomore at the University of Texas in Austin. She is majoring in Education in hopes to become a Kindergarten teacher, and return to Houston. She is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, a variety of honors organizations, and a volunteer in the SHARE program--an organization that advises prospective students.

The Boyar and Hetherington children describe Post Oak as an environment that nurtures children who are project oriented, creative, and self-starters. Perhaps it was that type of individual encouragement that allowed each of these incredible individuals to go on to pursue vastly different interests. "Post Oak lays the ground work for being an individual learner and thinker, and then equips you to take on that individual vision you've created for yourself," says Sam Boyar. Despite having long left the classrooms of Post Oak, these alumni share a strong appreciation for the school and the experience they had here.