Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Beavers

Post Oak eighth grade class of 2005

By shannon NEufeld, Communication Coordinator
From the NOvember 19, 2010 edition of The Weekly POst

Brittany Beavers (right) with her roommate before a football game at Stanford University.

“One of my favorite things in Middle School was the weekly Monday volunteering,” said Brittany Beavers, reflecting on her twelve years as a Post Oak student. She later attended St. John’s High School and is now a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in human biology. Her goal, she says, is to help people, and to become a psychiatrist.

“I remember having to wake up earlier than usual to arrive at school for the carpool to Palmer Memorial Church to serve homeless people breakfast, but the early rise was always so worth it.”  Thinking about other sites where she performed community service as a Middle School student, Brittany said, “Small Steps was a site that I loved to work at with the children with limitless energy.” Also on her list of places she liked to work is Gordon Elementary—the HISD school across Bissonnet from Post Oak. “It was so tiring and by the time lunch rolled around I was ready to get back to Post Oak for a breather, but I really enjoyed my time spent there,” she said. Brittany also volunteered at the Houston Humane Society in grade six. Volunteering, “instilled a sense that service work is important to incorporate into life,” she said.

Brittany spoke about the importance of the trips she took with her Elementary and Middle School classes at Post Oak. “I felt like such an extensive traveler by traveling to Blackwood farm; all across Texas; Williamsburg, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and Crow Canyon, Colorado…Riding the subway in Washington, D.C., was always a thrill, and I felt like an adult buying my own subway ticket and learning how to read the subway maps.” She said that anticipation on the trip to our nation’s capital peaked on “fancy night” when students would dress up, eat at a nice restaurant, and attend a theater performance.

“Our days were always jam-packed, full of fascinating museums, beautiful sights, or fun events…and through these trips, I felt a stronger connection to my classmates—they always provided great bonding experiences.”

Even now, Brittany sees the impact of her Post Oak education in the way she investigates things that interest her. She knew that she had more time than students in other schools to explore her interests and she loved to talk about the things she did at school during the day. “I always felt excited about learning new things and going to school,” she said.

“The biggest strength that I received from my Montessori education is a sense of independence and confidence in myself to achieve my goals.”

In both high school and college, Brittany says she has found Post Oak helping her to learn. “Post Oak cultivated a love of learning and for me to want to seek out knowledge. This has really helped me to find success in college because I find myself genuinely interested in the classes I take, thus helping me to enjoy the work that I do.”

“The freedom we had to choose what we wanted to learn and how we spent our time also helped contribute to my habits in college. I am able to identify how to effectively spend my time,” she said.

“The Montessori setting allowed me to pursue specific interests that I had in various subjects, allowing me to progress faster in areas where I excelled, while also emphasizing the remaining subjects,” she said. “The lessons put on by the teachers are extremely important for learning and emphasizing a variety of subjects. I think that a child might only focus on a certain subject, except that the teachers do a great job of monitoring the student’s work during the day.”

We asked Brittany what she thought of Post Oak’s plans to open a high school in 2012. “This sounds like a really cool idea! I’d love to come visit and see how the school operates once it’s open,” she said.