Alumni Spotlight : : Chloe Wood

From the September 20, 2013 edition of The Post


As we reflect over our 50 year history, we are reminded that it is not one person or even one group of people who define our school, we are ALL Post Oak. Each student who has ever walked our halls has added to the culture, heritage, and reputation of our school, which makes talking to Post Oak alumni all the more interesting. Each of their stories not only provides us with an insight into where they are now, but also provides a deeper look into where they came from: The Post Oak School.

Chloe Wood, former Post Oak student, is a wonderful reminder as to how our school opens the door to self-discovery and great achievement. At 22, Chloe has obtained a degree in neuroscience from Vassar University and is preparing to begin her graduate studies at Stanford University in California. Chloe is a creative thinker who is passionate about fostering social change. She is actively pursuing her interest in utilizing entrepreneurship and design to identify innovative ways to better serve and support people. She is currently building research to launch a new outreach program at a pediatric clinic that emphasizes wellness and higher education amongst low-income families in Houston. Her broader goal is to provide patients with brighter futures from health to education to lifetime achievement.

Chloe attributes her ability to recognize her life passions, reflect on how to attain them, and then put her plan into action to the Montessori education she received at Post Oak. She recalls her elementary years and how she was encouraged to discover new solutions to problems, appreciate learning, and to embrace failure as a necessary step in achieving success. Chloe believes that it's this kind of mindset that makes her a stronger student, a more confident individual, and even more appealing to employers, who she says aren't always aware of the kinds of challenges they'll be facing and thus actively seek outside of the box thinkers. When reflecting over the benefit of having received a Montessori education, Chloe states, "In the real world, there isn't just one answer to anything, so why teach students that in school?"

Realizing your goals and expressing your vision can sometimes be difficult, Post Oak is deeply proud of the steps Chloe has made in discovering her own path. We look forward to hearing more about her impact on health, leadership, and business innovation in years to come.