Alumni Spotlight : : Lou Posada

From the April 11, 2014 edition of The Post


Luciano "Lou" Posada

Eighth Grade Class of '08

"I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin studying Chemical Engineering with a focus in Biomedical Engineering as well as Cell and Tissue Engineering. I recently finished a microgravity research project with NASA. The team I was a part of looked at how water freezes in zero gravity to design a supplemental heat rejection system for the next generation of spacecraft.

"A hobby that I developed a bit more at Post Oak during my middle school years is bike riding. This fall I plan on applying to be part of a bike team here at UT that rides from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to raise money for cancer research.

"This summer I plan on taking a few classes at the University of Houston and to do some shadowing with a couple of doctors. My long term goal is to go to graduate school, either to study medicine or continue with Cell and Tissue Engineering. Post Oak helped me foster an appreciation for the 'big picture'. As Montessori students we are able to make connections between what we learn in class and how that applies to the real world and use what we learn to make the world a better place."