Alumni Spotlight : : Sara Llansa

From the December 20, 2013 edition of The Post


Sara Llansa, a Post Oak alumna, came back to see the school, where she says "it all started." "Post Oak really prepared me for everything," Llansa states as she reflects on the time she spent at Post Oak. She particularly remembers the interesting projects she was able to engage in at such an early age. Her favorite was as a second year Lower Elementary student: a project on weather that landed her and her partner at the Channel 13 News Station. Laughing, Sara recalls, "The teacher didn't arrange it, we did. We were only seven, and we just picked up the classroom phone and called meteorologist Ed Brandon. It was completely student driven, we wanted to know about weather, and we thought he could help."

After Post Oak, Sara graduated from Lamar High School with her IB Diploma. Sara was excited to learn about the addition of the Post Oak High School and our movement towards obtaining our IB certification. She explains how her education at Post Oak undoubtedly prepared her for the rigorous IB program and IB subsequently prepared her for college. Drawing from both her experience as a Montessori and IB student, Sara thinks the two curriculums are a perfect match. "Both put a lot on you from an early age. More importantly, both teach you how to take on that responsibility."

After high school, Sara was admitted into Brown University, a school she describes as sharing the Montessori concept of letting students take ownership of their education. Sara earned a double major in International Relations and Education. She took part in multiple study abroad programs, allowing her to work as a volunteer in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. She is currently teaching a College Counseling Course to sophomores at YES Prep High School, and is working to develop programs centered on international education and literacy. Sara will be serving as a panelist for our upcoming Alumni Night on January 9th.