Alumni Spotlights 2012-2013

Originally published in The Weekly Post


Stephanie Styles & Becky Bereswill

Eighth grade classes of '06 and '05

Post Oak alums Stephanie Styles ('06) and Becky Bereswill ('05) are currently roommates at University of Michigan. Stephanie sent us a photo of them decked out in game gear on the field of the Big House! She writes, "We love Post Oak and think of our time there together often!"








Josh Tobin

Eighth grade class of '06

Now in his third and final year at the University of North Carolina's Professional Actor Training Program, alum Josh Tobin ('06) is on his way to a Master of Fine Arts degree and membership in Actor's Equity. He recently played "Irving Luigi" in a new adaptation of Moliere's Imaginary Invalid (pictured). Josh tells us he was first bitten by the acting bug in a production of A Comedy of Errors at The Post Oak School.






Joseph Rodd

Attended through 5th grade

Post Oak alumnus Joseph Rodd recently celebrated his 25th birthday and was surprised with a keepsake from his parents. Joseph's mother enlisted family members, teachers, scout leaders, and family friends who have known Joseph at some point in the past and played an important role in his life to send them birthday cards and/or personal handwritten letters. These letters filled a walnut keepsake box which was given to him on his birthday eve. Joseph's mother followed up with all of the well-wishers, which included John Long, to let them know he was "genuinely surprised and touched" by the letters.

Joseph graduated with high honors in English from Rice University in 2010, and in August began teaching 12th grade English (regular and AP) at YES Prep Southwest, a Houston charter school serving disadvantaged students. For the past several months, Joseph has been working over 80 hours a week preparing to become a teacher and then beginning life as a teacher of teens, many of whom are immigrants with significant academic deficits and sometimes heartbreaking personal circumstances.

Post Oak wishes Joseph all the best in his teaching career!




Devina & Jahnavi Schneider

Eighth grade class of '11

Post Oak alums Jahnavi and Devina Schneider (class of 2011), sophomores at Episcopal High School, recently competed in the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) Cross Country Championship. Both placed in the top ten: Jahnavi placed 4th and Devina placed 9th. Here they are posing with proud grandfather Charlie Schneider. Way to go, Devina and Jahnavi!






John Henry Styles

Eighth grade class of '10

Congratulations to Post Oak Alumnus John Henry Styles (eighth grade class of '10) who has committed to Stanford University to play baseball. John Henry's mother, Bridget Styles, wrote that he also had some amazing offers from Princeton, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, and Baylor. All this was quite unexpected because he is only in his junior year at Episcopal High School. She added, "The athletic recruiting process has been very interesting. Stanford is one of the few programs where you still have to 'get in' to the school as a student first. No concessions are made for athletes. We are thrilled and wanted you to know, as his time at Post Oak is responsible for his success." John Henry said, "I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend Stanford University and play baseball for such an awesome team. I know it's going to be very challenging but I'm ready." Way to go!





Masoud Darvishi

Attended through 7th grade

Until I attended a recent event, I had not realized how long I had been gone from The Post Oak School. Obviously, my life has changed drastically since I walked the halls as a 7th grade child in 1995, but I had no idea how much my "tiny" school has accomplished in the past 17 years. I cannot describe the feeling and up-welling of emotions I experienced from walking around the building at the Alumni Sporting Event and on Alumni Night. I was asked to write a little bit about myself, and my experience returning to the school of my youth.

The Post Oak School laid a wonderful educational, emotional, and spiritual foundation for my future. Upon leaving Post Oak, I attended Westbury Christian for one year, and Clements High School thereafter. I graduated, packed my bags, and headed to Austin to attend the University of Texas. Upon receiving a Bachelor's degree in Government and History, I came back home to Houston to attend South Texas College of Law. It was not unusual to run into former Post Oak students in places of higher education—I almost came to expect it. Throughout my educational journey, I found myself using techniques and actual knowledge from lessons learned at Post Oak. I believe that I retained so much information from my time at Post Oak due to the methods the faculty employed to teach us. All the lessons were hands on or we took a field trip (when applicable) to reinforce the things we read or were taught to us in class. Ultimately, we learned how to "learn" and figured out how to be our own teachers. The Post Oak School teaches children how to think for themselves, and not accept the status quo. From my experience at Post Oak, I learned that students are challenged and are to expect more from themselves. When you do not accomplish your goals, the person you hurt the most is yourself. The staff and faculty is composed of caring, loving individuals, who live by the words they teach. If you want your child to get a foundation that will last them a lifetime—enroll them in The Post Oak School. You, and especially your child, will not regret it.