Emergency Management Plan

The emergency management plan will be implemented in response to situations that require us to evacuate the school or the campus, or to shelter in place. Examples of such situations include fire, severe weather, toxic spills, or acts of war.

Evacuation Situations

School Evacuation

Monthly fire drill practice one form of school evacuation. Students exit the building and remain on the Post Oak campus.

Bissonnet Campus Evacuation

If necessary, students would evacuate the Post Oak campus and go to Episcopal High School, either to the athletic field on the Bissonnet side of EHS or to the Benitez Chapel (also on the Bissonnet side of the EHS campus).

Museum District Campus Evacuation

If it is necessary to evacuate a Museum District Campus building and seek shelter elsewhere, students and staff will relocate to The Glassell Junior School at 5100 Montrose Boulevard.

Shelter In Place

These situations are practiced via drills twice yearly, or as determined by the Post Oak administrative Security Committee. In a situation where the threat is imminent, the school will be open as long as students need to be here. The school has stores of bottled water and food for such a situation. In the event that a shelter-in-place is declared, we strongly discourage parents from coming to the school until instructed to do so.

Severe Weather/Chemical Spill: Students and teachers will shelter in place in the event of tornado, nearby chemical spill, or other events that require us to seek shelter indoors. In the event of chemical spill or other air-borne hazard, the ventilation system carrying outside air will be shut down.

Evacuation to a Distant Location

If ordered to do so by civil authorities, students at the Bissonnet Campus would be transported to one of three sites at a safe distance from the school:

 Students at the Museum District Campus would relocate to the Glassell Junior School at 5100 Montrose Boulevard.

Communication During an Emergency

The school will communicate with parents via email and telephone using the Blackboard Connect system to keep you informed. The school will test this system annually; it is important that your profile is up-to-date in My BackPack on emergency contact information.

Blackboard Connect will inform you about how to contact us. Depending on the circumstances, communications may be limited: even if the school phone lines remain open, they will be tied up if there are multiple calls that come in at the same time.

Our first priority in the event of emergency is to ensure that students and school staff are safe. Our second priority is to contact parents and to keep you informed. The school maintains contact with local police and fire departments in the event of emergency and follows their instructions.