Frequently asked questions
about The Post Oak School

Every family is unique, but a few questions seem to be common. If you don’t see yours here, please email us or—better yet—schedule a visit to The Post Oak School. See also FAQ about admission and FAQ about the Montessori method.


The school serves approximately 504 students, of ages 14 months through high school, among approximately 360 families.

No; however, Montessori education does include a significant emphasis on personal conduct along with care and responsibility for others, which dovetails well with many religious faiths.

Parent volunteer activities are coordinated through the Post Oak Parent Association, POPA.

The Post Oak School offers studies in the Spanish language, beginning with basic vocabulary in the Primary classes and extending into formalized grammar in the Middle School. Classroom assistants or specialist teachers offer regular lessons, and the curriculum is supplemented with special school-wide celebrations during the year, like Dia de los Muertos. High School students can choose Spanish or Mandarin Chinese as their foreign language options.

Yes: for more information, see the Post Oak Bearkats web page.

See our web page “Beyond Post Oak” for a list of destinations for recent alumni.


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