The Post Oak School's Tenth Biennial Gala
Saturday, March 2, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at The Revaire
7122 Old Katy Road, Houston, Texas 77024


Cocktails, Dinner, & Dancing | Silent & Live Auction | Live Music & DJ | Casino Gaming



Gala Auction Preview
Gala Auction Item Preview, Feb.
Gala Auction Preview
Gala Auction Item Preview, Jan.
Gala Auction Preview
Gala Auction Item Preview, Dec.
About the Gala
Every two years, Post Oak's Gala provides financial flexibility and strengthens the long-term stability of the school. Whether through underwriting, auction, or straight donations, gala support helps offset a variety of school expenses such as increased financial aid, small campus renovations, unexpected repairs, increased professional developments funds, and more! We are grateful to all contributors!

Along with fundraising, this event is the highlight of the Parents Association's community building events. It takes an army of volunteers working for over a year to make Gala the extraordinary event that it has become. Please join in!

Volunteers in High Demand!
Get involved and get to know the Post Oak community!
Sign up to be a Gala volunteer today by contacting Gala Chairs Jessica Gregg and Jordan Seff or a committee chair below (details in My BackPack).
Auction: Teresa Lin, Carlin Putman, & Suzan Samuels
Underwriting: Margaret Farnsworth, Paula Mey, & Whitney Walsh
Art Projects: Jessica Matos & Sarah Moudry
Auction Display: Rhian McKinney
Decorations: Laura De Vera
Done in a Day: Emily Weinstein
Fun Committee: Stelli Parsapour & Krystal Scott
Mystery Boxes: Samantha Wykoff
Underwriting Information
Gala Underwriting Chairs: Margaret Farnsworth, Paula Mey, & Whitney Walsh
Underwriting is a major part of Gala fundraising. Reserved tables and premiere seating are available at different underwriting levels.

We completely sold out at our last Gala, so consider submitting your underwriting support early! Printing deadline to include underwriting names in the invitation is November 16, 2018. If you are not submitting underwriting and would like an individual Gala ticket, those will go on sale in mid-January. Make an underwriting gift or donation online.



Bond 25
Elaine Block
Melissa Coleman
Elizabeth and George Farish
Jessica and Vean Gregg
Jeffrey and Susan Lynn
Pauline and Bob Mertensotto

J. Brett and Erin Busby
Sunday Riley and Bruce Eames
Abbe and Adam Forman
Jenny and Michael Siegel
Whitney and Marc Walsh

Amy and Lloyd Kirchner
Stacey and Mark Martin
Mark and Paula Mey
Amber A. Mostyn

Vanessa and Chuck Ames
Snehal and Adrienne Amin
Jennifer and Doug Bosch/The Inn at Dos Brisas
Courtney and Jose Obregon
Dylan and Jordan Seff

Casino Royale
Aspire Fertility

Rochelle Tafolla and Richard Hess
The Rochlis Family Foundation
Heidi and Bryan Rosenstrauch

Diamonds are Forever
Jennifer and Farzad Askari
Carmen and Kiki Dikmen
Leashanne and James Guo
Lyndia and Ryan Makol
Catherine Than and Hoang Quan Vu

Amy and Blair Garrou
Dana Germain and Tom Oreck
Allison and Troy Thacker
Nikayla and Aaron Thomas
Anita and Alan Ying

Carlie and Richard Yoo

Shonali and Rakesh Agrawal

Alison and Joaquin Altenberg
Nancy and Heyward Carter
Rick Evans and Katie Padden
Christina and Isaac Tapia
Judy Le and Don Tom

David and Laura Anderson
Kristin and Malcolm Cogan
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Loperena
Sarah Andrews and Matthew Tucker

Sara and Juan P. Cata
Gabriel Salinas and Cristina Gracia
Daniela and Manuel Sanchez
Valerie and Michael Sonsino
Rocio and Francisco Zorrilla

Jennifer and Cliff Chavis
Stelli and Todd Parsapour
Karen and Ken Redding
Krystal and Ryan Scott
Felicia and Rafael Stone
Brittney and Max Tribble

Deepa Poduval and Raj Chelapurath
Glenn and Erica Engle
Teresa Lin and Stephen Lai
Pamela Griffin-Minnich and Gene Minnich
Robert Phillpott and Jacqueline Pourciau

Shaki and Dee Commissariat
Michelle and Thomas Lu
Rhian and Lane McKinney
Katie and Bob Orr
Drs. Jennifer Norten and Mark Routbort

Lisa Heyden and Steven Douglas
Victoria Goldstein and Randall Jamail
Ana Paula Sánchez and Javier Lamuño
Carolina Gutierrez and Gabriel Lopez
Lorena Rojas and Pietro Milazzo

Emily and Robert Emmett
Ariella Perlman and Robert Johnson
Antoinette and Ethan Rosenberg
Jessica and Josh Solera

Cynthia and Darren Hubbard
Susanna and Clay Kartye
Alison Wong and Blaine McElroy
Jennifer and Robert Shults
Rona and Mike Sonabend

Reena and Medhavi Jogi
Deepali and Puneet Patni

Savarese Fight Fit WestU

Never Say Never Again
Maura Joyce and Roberto Argentina
Mert Arslan and Alkim Arslan
A. Youssefi and Nadia Beacham
Marcela Beltrán-Alvarez
Johnny and Nataya Carter
Marcus Spagnoletti, Esq. and Dr. Nielo Chow
Laura and Martin Citardi
David and Vareen Cunningham
Kelly and James Davis
Jennifer and Todd Frazier
Michael and Jenny Kavalinas
Drs. Ben Saldaña and Alicia Kowalchuk
Nicole Lombardo
Pat and Bill Mitchell
Karen Hoffman and Eric Neumann
Drs. Athar Qureshi and Fyza Piracha
Carlin and Damon Putman
Sandhya and Naresh Sabhnani
Susie and Gary Stankowski
Jennifer and Gregory Starling
Rebecca and Jeff Tapick
Jay and Valerie Volpi
Susan Shi and Michael Wong
Samantha and Charles Wykoff

The Spy Who Loved Me
Ginny and Chris Ashton
Laura and Mark Conely
Charles and Karyn Crisp
Reneé and Christopher Dahlmeier
David and Allison Hamilton
Greg Han and Holly Crisp-Han
Monica Lopez and Richard Lyn-Cook
Jenny and André Marshall
Erinn Boyle and Alex Mayral Blanco
Bert and Regina Mellinger
Midtown Dentistry
Pragnya Patel and Kaushik Parekh
Jim and Shelley Rice
Kate and Jason Sedano
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Seeliger
Morgan and David Shin
Emily and Adam Weinstein
Holly and Peter White
Hannah and Dan Wier

Linda C. Anderson
Anh Doan and Doanh Hoang
Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro
Polly and Stephen Fohn
Janice and Barrett Green
Samuels Family Foundation
Carol and V.W. Sponseller
Cynthia and Robert Wilson
Gala Auction Forms
Gala Auction Chairs: Teresa Lin, Carlin Putman, & Suzan Samuels

The Biennial Gala is known for its creative and unique auction offerings. The silent auction, big board, and live auction are the highlights of the event! The Silent Auction lineup of tantalizing sociables, sports events or memorabilia, student-gatherings with teachers, trips to faraway lands, and more are all part of the fun and the fundraising at Gala. Please help the auction team as they put together these exceptional offerings by donating an item today! Not sure what to donate? Contact the auction team for lots of creative ideas!