"How often is the soul of a man, especially of that of a child, deprived because
one does not put him in contact with nature.
" –Dr. Maria Montessori


Our Mission

Instilling in children a respect for the earth and for all living things is a central theme of Dr. Montessori's teachings. There are many instances of beautiful prose written on the subject throughout her work. We are lucky enough to be able to continue in those brilliant footsteps here at The Post Oak School. The outdoor environments associated with each classroom allow the child to continue his education seamlessly in nature, to explore plants and animals both naturally occurring and tended to in the form of seed-sowing, bird feeders, water baths and butterfly gardens.

To this great foundation, the Green Team at the Post Oak School seeks to contribute ideas and turn them into action. From recycling to gardening, energy efficiency to waste reduction, it is the Green Team's mission to get involved and determine the "who, what, how and when" of green initiatives in all aspects of school operations. In addition, we aim to communicate this information and share knowledge with the Post Oak community as a whole.

You can get involved too! Watch the Post Highlights and issues of The Post to get more info, and join us at our next meeting.


Green Team Green Guide


Green Accomplishments

  • Young Children's Community and Primary garden improvements

  • Replaced ALL lights with energy-efficient fixtures

  • Installed rainwater collection barrels

  • Created outdoor composting area

  • Put in place board-endorsed Green Principles for the school

  • Created the Outdoor Nature Learning Center on the playground with a water source and native plantings. The space was originally parched earth with no greenery

  • Changed plates, mugs, and utensils in front kitchen to non-disposables

  • Introduced cloth towel options to all classrooms

  • Installed the magazine exchange rack in the teacher workroom

  • Evaluated a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products for school use. Determined the best options which have now been in use at Post Oak since 2010

  • Established Post Oak's Annual Spring Environmental Lecture series, which are open to the public, to present green initiatives to the community
  • Established no-waste lunch guidelines

  • Installed recycling/trash sorting bins accessible to all classrooms and common areas

  • Established energy efficiency guidelines for door closures before, during and after school hours

  • Established regular Green Team articles in the school newsletter to promote green living at home and school

  • Presented information on recycling and lunch box container alternatives at Field Day since 2009

  • Promoted a Carbon-Neutral Day

  • Established a school thermostat-setting policy for winter and summer hours, with and without students present

  • Through IT department, established computer recycling program for old hardware at Post Oak

  • Signage initiative to gently remind students and staff that all trash not recycled or composted goes to landfill




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Green Resources for Our Community

No Waste Lunches:

Composting and Waste Reduction:

Organic Living:

Houston Farmer's Markets:



Statement of Purpose from Post Oak's Board of Trustees

For the 450 of us adults, children and students who on a daily basis call Post Oak School home it is important to us that the school provides an architecturally beautiful building and aesthetically pleasing classrooms, and also that it offers all of us a healthy, productive and sustainable environment.

The Green Schools Initiative

With this in mind a small group of parents and school employees have formed The Green Team. We have learned that many other schools are doing the same thing. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel we found a group with whom we shared a common vision. The Green Schools Initiative ( has provided us with the framework for our statement of purpose.

The Precautionary Principle

The foundation of this metaphorical “green” schoolhouse is The Precautionary Principle. This principle is based on the concept of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This means that we will take the time to research the costs and benefits of alternatives before making decisions which impact the school’s environment.

Our aim is to broaden our view to consider the environmental impact of decisions along with cost effectiveness. We aim to research and educate ourselves about alternatives and offer this information to our school leaders. We will continue to take a proactive approach using this principle in our decision-making when addressing issues that impact children’s environmental health and the ecological impact of schools.

In the procurement process we will ask questions such as these:

  • What environmental impact will this product, repair, or action have on the school?
  • How can we reasonably attempt to research and educate ourselves to find available alternatives?

The Four Pillars

Flowing out of the Precautionary Principle are the four pillars. Simply stated these pillars allow us to transform our school into a healthy, sustainable, and dynamic learning center. This includes focusing on the subjects of sustainability, children’s health and promoting a green curriculum at school.

Pillar 1: Strive for a toxics-free environment

Pillar 2: Use resources sustainably

Pillar 3: Create a green and healthy space

Pillar 4: Teach, learn, engage! Take an active role in shaping the world we share.

The Green Team will continue to serve as a catalyst for building a greener school.

Respectfully submitted by the Post Oak Green Team, January 22, 2008