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Spanish Integration

The Houston Montessori Institute now offers the opportunity for trainees with English and Spanish skills to complete components of the course in both languages. HMI aims to meet the growing needs for Montessori guides proficient in both English and Spanish. This, along with the globally recognized AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Primary diploma, could open up doors for employment in Spanish-speaking areas of the world.

Maria Coral Ruiz, Director of Training (pictured right), will also lead the Spanish features. She has over two decades of experience as a teacher, trainer and administrator in Montessori schools in Mexico.

Spanish remains the most widely spoken non-English language in the United States. A Pew Research Center study projects upwards of 40 million Spanish speakers in the U.S.; nearly double the amount 20 years ago. That figure includes a large number of children whose first language is Spanish. HMI aims to serve the Houston community, where Spanish is ubiquitous. 37% of people speak Spanish at home in Houston compared to 19% and 13% respectively for Texas and the United States.

What does Spanish integration mean?

  • HMI trainees have the option of completing coursework in Spanish.
  • The trainer might also lead discussions subsequent to lectures and reading seminars in Spanish.
  • Trainees may create two albums in Spanish and/or English.
  • Trainees will have access to Montessori books in Spanish, as well as materials with Spanish translations.

Is this a separate track from the AMI Primary Training course?

No, the group of trainees will remain together for all components of the curriculum and are required to complete the same coursework. There will be no additional work required, unless trainees opt to make albums in both languages. The Spanish integration is intended to:

  • Make the curriculum more accessible to trainees with bilingual skills;
  • Equip trainees with the necessary skills to work in bilingual settings.

Is Spanish integration work required for all HMI trainees?

No, it is an option open to trainees with English and Spanish proficiency.

Is the Spanish integration only intended for native Spanish speakers?

No, trainees with strong Spanish skills may also choose to take advantage of the Spanish integration feature.

Which language will be most commonly used during the course?

The course and all its components (lectures, discussions, material presentation, readings, etc.) will be delivered in English. All HMI trainees are required to have a fluent understanding of English, both written and verbal. Students with English and Spanish skills will have an opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the coursework with the supplemental Spanish integration option.

If this Spanish integration feature is for you, please fill out an inquiry form. We will then send the application materials.


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