John's Notes

Learning and Becoming

A look at how Montessori classrooms are structured, and how that structure shapes what happens inside them. Read this article >


Montessori on the Brain

The Montessori method is based on the idea that it's how-even more than what-we learn that shapes human potential. Read this article >


Executive Functioning Skills

The skills that make great entrepreneurs (managing time well, making decisive choices, working independently) are seeded in infancy and are best learned by. Read this article >


Failure: A Better Teacher Than Success?

Is traditional education failing students because...well, it's not designed for ? Read this article>


Character Development

A formal response to the question: “How does The Post Oak School teach and promote character development?” Read this article >


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Answer?

Curiosity, comprehension, and what it means to be a “primary knower”. Read this article >


Searching for the Secret

A novice Montessori teacher seeks the key to 21st century workplace survival skills—a search that takes place within a Post Oak classroom. Read this article >

The Smile

For one five-year old girl, the road to self-mastery begins with eight wooden blocks and the knowledge that something just isn't right. Read this article >


What is happiness?

Could it be that the answers to the Big Questions are hiding where we least expect them? Read this article >