Our Community

When we talk about community, we mean it. A child's growth is influenced by all the adults and environments encountered in day-to-day life; those adults need to work in harmony for the child.

Our faculty and administration pursue a unified educational method dedicated to following the child through all the stages of physical, mental, and social growth. The Post Oak School offers one of the most extensive parent education programs in the Montessori world, to bring home and classroom closer together. And our Partnership Agreement clearly lays out how teachers, administration, and parents can work together to pursue the child's best interests.

Parents work together in the Post Oak Parent Association (POPA) to support both daily work and special projects in the classrooms, as well as to sponsor large events (like the Gala or Opera) during the school year. Some parents lend their expertise to the Board of Trustees, working to ensure the long-term health of the school.

Alumni make up part of our community, too. On their own initiative, High School students will walk in the door on a vacation day or after exams to visit with their Middle School teachers—and often to say hello to their Primary teacher, too. Alumni in university or professional life return to speak at our annual Alumni Voices event about how The Post Oak School, and the people here, helped them find the path to their future.