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At The Post Oak School, a big part of your experience includes asking yourself, “What am I good at?” and “What interests me the most?” and you will have the freedom to explore the answers.

One group of students was interested in alternative energy, so they decided to work on a wind turbine prototype that they plan to install on the nearby Montrose/59 bridge. One student had an idea for a product, developed it further, and made an infomercial. Another group of students wanted to write critical reviews of, well, everything…and they created the Montrose Mavens blog. Check out more projects on the High School's blog roll.   


We know that you want real experiences. At Post Oak's High School, that’s exactly what you get – you spend time learning in classes but you also get to experience independent opportunities in real-world activities.

Your “teachers” will include curators, scientists, archeologists, paleontologists, doctors, artists, actors, directors, and researchers working in our partner organizations. Your “classrooms” extend beyond our four walls to include internships, seminars, and research at the Texas Medical Center, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Museum of Fine Arts, Main Street Theater, and Glassell School of Art.

If you are interested in paleontology, entomology, history, or marine biology you can develop your own weekly internship at HMNS. If you have an interest in another field outside of our partner organizations, we will create a new partnership to give you the opportunity you are looking for; for example, one of our students had a long-time interest in psychology, so we reached out to our neighbors at the Jung Center to create an internship for her.  

Students are encouraged to write about their experiences in their own blogs. You can read some of them here: Magna Carta Docents, Elizabeth's Entomology Internship, Matthew's Marine Biology Internship. More projects are on the High School's blog roll.   

"The school gives us opportunities and we’re treated with respect and trust."



One of the benefits of being a smaller school is that we can customize the curriculum for each student to learn at their own pace. Our teachers are available to you outside of the classroom and have the time to help you develop a deeper understanding of your work.

Another unusual thing about our High School is that the school year is structured differently: we have a fall semester, then a J-Term, followed by the spring semester.  A lot of universities follow this school year format. The J-Term (or January Term) is a month-long course of study that students help develop. Regular classes are put on hold, and students spend the entire month exploring one or two areas in great depth. A group of ninth and tenth graders chose to spend their J-Term converting a car from gasoline to electric power…you can watch coverage about the project on PBS.  To enhance what they were learning in the previous fall semester, another student group took an historical research trip to Jamaica during J-Term in 2014. The trip was so successful that the students have returned for subsequent Jamaica trips each year since.


"The people are accepting and nice and the academic expectations are not the same across the board. We each learn at our level and we have the chance to do that at this school..."

"The teachers really inspire me to get good grades and do my best. I think the teachers make the school."

"Post Oak is unique in every aspect. I can not only ask any teacher at any point in time if they can help me, but I am also allowed to work at my own pace and am encouraged when I ask for extra so I can keep my skills sharp."



At Post Oak High School, we want to know you for who you are and support you in becoming who you want to be. Here, you are encouraged to be yourself and to engage in your own education in ways that are unique to this school. As a student at The Post Oak School, you will help shape your academic life, you will have unparalleled opportunities to explore your passions, and you will be more than ready to be successful in whatever path you choose in life.

"Our community is close and really great."

"I love my school and I love the people in it."

"The students here are amazing and wonderful, I feel like I know everyone and I'm very close with people I didn't think I would be close with at the beginning of this year."



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