Prospective-Parent Classes

Class Schedule

For a listing of all events rather than just prospective parent classes, please see our school calendar.

Prospective-parent classes may be held on Tuesday mornings from 9–10 a.m., or occasionally on Monday evenings from 7–8 p.m., in the multipurpose room (in the administration hallway).

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Eager to learn more about "What is Montessori"? Mirani Smith, our Early Childhood Director, will host this series of four classes designed for prospective parents. The series repeats several times each year. Because each class stands alone, it is possible to attend them in any order.

Prospective families gain priority in admission by attending these and other parent education classes. Current Post Oak parents who plan to enroll younger siblings are also strongly encouraged to attend.


Fill out this online form to register for the next series for admissions for the 2017–2018 school year. You must register at least 24 hours in advance. If you need to register later than that, please speak with Ceirro Robinson, Registrar, at 713-661-6688.

Description of Classes in a Series

In addition to evening classes, there are four series of morning classes (A through D). Each series has four classes:

Montessori 101

Who was Dr. Maria Montessori? What are the basic characteristics of a Primary Montessori class? What are the essentials of an authentic Montessori class? We will tour the Primary pods and discuss briefly our observations.

The Partnership Agreement

The Post Oak School Partnership Agreement outlines the expectations of parents and the school in building a strong working relationship for the child’s benefit. We will also review the school’s mission statement and core values.

At Home with Montessori

Parents often ask, "What can I do at home?" This class gives both the guiding principles and pragmatic suggestions for how to have a home environment which balances the child’s need for independence with the adult’s need for efficiency and comfort. We will view a short DVD and have time for discussion.

Learning for Life

This class will be taught by Jami Sweeney, Post Oak Middle School Director. We will discuss the concept of "flow" as developed by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi. Why is the style of engagement the child experiences as a learner important? How does this style influence the child’s development as a livelong learner? Together we will view a DVD filmed at Post Oak in January 2004 and discuss the results of a recent study comparing Montessori and traditional middle school students.