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The Post is published monthly while school is in session, and covers the people and events contributing to Montessori education at The Post Oak School.

The newsletter is distributed as a printed copy to the oldest child in a family, sent electronically to all parents, and is also available in PDF form through this web page. To receive notice whenever we upload a new issue, please join our electronic distribution list. If you read The Post online and would prefer not to receive a printed version, please let us know.

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The deadline for material to be considered for inclusion is 5 p.m. on the Monday one week prior to the publication day. Please direct all material in electronic form to the Communications Coordinator Elaine Schweizer: Call if you have any questions: 713-661-6688 x8049.

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On this page you will find issues from the current academic year. If you are looking for an issue from a past academic year, please look in our archives page.

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