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We supplement our calendar information with the Calendar of Observances from the Anti-Defamation League.

Our website also offers single-purpose calendars for Bearkats athletics and the admission process, and a page offering reservations for parent-teacher conferences.


2018–2019 Post Oak
School Calendar



List of Events for 1/01/2019 to 1/01/2020
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Winter Break-School Closed 12/21/2018
New Year's Day 01/01/2019
Teacher In-service- School Closed 01/07/2019
HS J-Term begins 01/08/2019
Spring ASEP begins 01/08/2019
POPA Coffee/Work Day 01/09/2019
Alumni Voices 01/10/2019
Application deadline for new students 01/11/2019
YCC through Elementary Admission Open House 01/15/2019
Intro to Redirecting Children's Behavior 01/15/2019
Coffee w/ Elementary Director 01/16/2019
MLK Jr. Day-School Closed 01/21/2019
Parenting the Love & Logic Way 01/24/2019
HS J-Term ends 01/25/2019
HS second semester begins 01/28/2019
Redirecting Children's Behavior 01/29/2019
Storytime with Cory 01/30/2019
HS J-Term presentations 02/01/2019
Mardi Gras 02/05/2019
Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Pig 02/05/2019
High School Admission Open House 02/05/2019
Ash Wednesday 02/06/2019
POPA Coffee/Work Day 02/06/2019
MS & HS parent ed: Pathways to Independence 02/06/2019
Re-registration deadline for returning students 02/08/2019
Upper Elementary and Middle School MMUN in New York 02/12/2019
Coffee w/ Elementary Director 02/13/2019
Primary Admission Day (YCC, EL, MS, & HS in session) 02/14/2019
YCC Parent-Child Event 02/14/2019
Expanded-year contract day for Primary 02/14/2019
Teacher In-service- School Closed 02/15/2019
Nirvana Day 02/15/2019
AMI-USA Refresher Course in New Orleans 02/15/2019
Presidents' Day- School closed 02/18/2019
Storytime with Cory 02/20/2019
Biennial Gala 03/02/2019
Middle School Land/Coastal trip 03/04/2019
POPA Coffee/Work Day 03/06/2019
MS & HS parent ed: Pathways to Independence 03/06/2019
Upper Elementary Science Fair 03/07/2019
Conference Day 03/08/2019
Financial aid applications due 03/08/2019
Spring Break 03/11/2019
HS A-Term begins 03/18/2019
Coffee w/ Elementary Director 03/20/2019
Nav roz/Naw-Ruz 03/21/2019
Storytime with Cory 03/26/2019
Class pictures 03/27/2019
HS A-Term ends 03/28/2019
Conference Day 03/29/2019
Spring MAP testing for Elementary & Middle School begin 04/01/2019
POPA Coffee/Work Day 04/03/2019
MS & HS parent ed: Pathways to Independence 04/03/2019
HS A-Term presentations 04/05/2019
Post Oak Book Fair at Brazos Bookstore 04/07/2019
Buddha Day 04/08/2019
Middle School A-Term 04/08/2019
Storytime with Cory 04/09/2019
Coffee w/ Elementary Director 04/10/2019
ISAS Arts Festival 04/11/2019
Family Movie Night 04/12/2019
Palm Sunday 04/14/2019
New High School Family Gathering 04/16/2019
Spring MAP testing for Elementary & Middle School ends 04/17/2019
New Middle School Family Gathering 04/17/2019
Teacher In-service- School Closed 04/18/2019
Good Friday- School closed 04/19/2019
Passover begins 04/19/2019
First Day of Rivdán 04/20/2019
Easter 04/21/2019
Earth Day 04/22/2019
Bearkats Celebration Banquet 04/23/2019
New Parent Welcome Reception 04/24/2019
Third Graders to Camp Allen 04/25/2019
Class pictures 04/26/2019
MDC Student Appreciation Luncheon 04/26/2019
Passover ends 04/27/2019
Orthodox Christian Pascha (Easter) 04/28/2019
Sixth Graders to Williamsburg 04/29/2019
Sixth Graders to Williamsburg 04/29/2019
Storytime with Cory 05/01/2019
High School Prom 05/04/2019
Cinco de Mayo 05/05/2019
Ramadan begins 05/05/2019
Senior exams begin 05/06/2019
High School BBQ parent event 05/07/2019
New Elementary Parent Gathering 05/08/2019
New Primary Parent Gathering 05/09/2019
Middle School Odyssey trip 05/10/2019
Mother's Day 05/12/2019
New Young Children's Community Parent Gathering 05/16/2019
Spring ASEP ends 05/17/2019
Graduates' Dinner 05/17/2019
POPA Parent Celebration 05/20/2019
Senior exams end 05/22/2019
High School Spring Retreat 05/22/2019
Last day of school for High School 05/23/2019
Declaration of the Bab begins 05/23/2019
Last day school, early dismissal for all students 05/24/2019
High School Commencement 05/24/2019
Memorial Day- School closed 05/27/2019
Teacher In-service 05/28/2019
Summer School begins 06/03/2019
HMI begins 06/10/2019
Father's Day 06/16/2019
Summer Solstice 06/21/2019
Annual Post Oak Fourth of July parade 07/03/2019
Independence Day- School closed 07/04/2019
School closed 07/05/2019
The Post summer issue 07/12/2019
Last day of summer school 07/26/2019
HMI ends 07/26/2019
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