Why We Give

Primary student arranging flowers

Support and service to an organization you believe in is not just something that we ask of Post Oak parents; it is a core lesson we teach our students beginning at the earliest level and continuing through High School.

Our students are nurtured in an environment that values helpfulness, and they are given daily opportunities to aid their peers at school and to contribute to the wider society as well. Primary and Elementary students do service work outside their classroom throughout the year. In Middle School, students spend half a day each week at various local service organizations. As students enter the High School, their service work continues especially in the IB program (11th and 12th grades), where they are further encouraged to participate in creative and service-oriented activities. These experiences shape them, and they leave Post Oak ready, willing, and able to contribute to society through a lifetime of leadership and service.

We ask Post Oak parents to engage in this same lesson. Through gifts of time, talent, and resources, families show meaningful support of the school and the work we do. Volunteer opportunities are many and are listed on the Post Oak Parents Association page. We encourage everyone to get involved in their child's school.

Support of Post Oak's fundraising effort is equally important. It is a long-term financial goal of the school to fully cover basic operating expenses through tuition and fee payments and earned income. Fundraising makes up the difference between covering basic expenses and positioning Post Oak to have financial stability and flexibility that allows it to fulfill its mission and serve its students. It is our hope that every Post Oak family will contribute an amount that is meaningful for them.

Here are a few ways in which fundraising donations make a difference:

  • Student financial assistance
  • Teacher training and faculty development (including the sabbatical fund)
  • Physical and programmatic enhancements and enrichment
  • Capital expenses

The school has three main fundraising programs:

The levels of support differ for each family, but the need for 100% participation is constant.