Top and Bottom Banners**

Menu Images (Meganav)

  • Click on the Tier 1 Page in the list of site pages (About, Academics, etc)
  • Click on the Page Settings Gear in the bottom right corner
  • Click the Nav Info tab in the pages settings
  • Click the Browse Button to add an Image
  • Add the Descriptive Content to the Description area
  • Save

Utility Navigation

Parents, Backpack and Alumnae are pages in the Utility Navigation branch. These pages can be built out in place, or become redirects to another location.

Social Media Links Branch

The social media links branch contains pages that should be redirected to the URL for your social media sources via the page settings gear at the bottom right of the page

Footer Portals Branch

The Footer Portals Branch includes the list of pages displayed in the footer. From the page settings, these pages can be redirected to another location or built out in place. Typically, these pages are redirects.